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Corps of Engineers liaisons connect with communities impacted by Sandy

1st Lt. Andrea Gongaware and 1st Lt. Erin Hanley, both of the 554th Engineer Battalion, serve on a team of eight local government liaisons, working with communities in the hardest-hit areas to better understand the needs of disaster-stricken community as they begin to recover. [Read More]
Published: Nov-09-12

Dewatering the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel

A diverse partnership of government, military and private industry professionals have joined to remove floodwater caused by Hurricane Sandy’s record-level storm surge from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, which connects Brooklyn with the island of Manhattan. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is overseeing the unified federal response. [Read More]
Published: Nov-08-12

Federal, state agencies combined efforts bring quick repair along New Jersey shore

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy, state, local and federal agencies assessed damage at Mantoloking and began taking steps to repair the breached town. Within two days, the Federal Emergency Management Agency issued a $2.5 million assignment, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers undertook an emergency land stabilization mission to close the gap between the ocean and the bay. [Read More]
Published: Nov-08-12

FEMA assigns infrastructure assessment mission to Corps of Engineers

Two U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Planning and Response Teams are coordinating damage assessments of public buildings, waste and waste water treatment plants, and transportation infrastructure in areas of New York and New Jersey impacted by Hurricane Sandy. [Read More]
Published: Nov-07-12

USACE ramps up NYC debris removal work

Sixty large dump trucks are now moving 150,000 cubic yards of debris from New York City to disposal sites around the city, with oversight from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in this Federal Emergency Management Agency-assigned mission. [Read More]
Published: Nov-07-12

Corps of Engineers restores power to Rockaway's public housing

Power was restored Nov. 6 at the Redfern Housing Complex in Far Rockaway, N.Y. for residents who had been without power since Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast a week before. A joint effort by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, working with other partners through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is restoring power in Rockaway and other hard-hit areas throughout New York and New Jersey. [Read More]
Published: Nov-07-12

USACE receives three debris removal missions from FEMA

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has assigned three missions to remove debris in New York and New Jersey to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in response to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. USACE crews deployed Nov. 5 to clear storm-damaged areas. [Read More]
Published: Nov-06-12

USACE part of team working to put Passaic Valley treatment plant back in service

Under a Federal Emergency Management Administration-assigned mission, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is working with the Passaic Valley Sewer Commission and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to fix the Passaic Valley Waste Water Treatment Plant near the Newark Airport, restoring service to 1.3 million households. [Read More]
Published: Nov-05-12

Corps of Engineers accelerates water removal mission, work progressing at critical sites

As part of the Federal government’s unified national response to Hurricane Sandy, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-led joint dewatering task force is pumping out water with state and federal partners at six flooded mass transit sites, following a $20 million mission assignment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. [Read More]
Published: Nov-04-12

USACE works with federal, state and local teams to repair Hoboken ferry terminal

In support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and in partnership with the U.S. Navy and other federal, state and local agencies, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is actively working to repair and return power to the Hoboken Ferry Terminal. [Read More]
Published: Nov-04-12
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