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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' current military construction mission consists of an average annual program of $10 billion (Fiscal Years 09-13). North Atlantic Division’s share of this work in the current fiscal year is about $3 billion on average through Fiscal Year 2015.

The North Atlantic Division offers a wide range of services to its military customers. It is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with six subordinate district offices located in Concord, MA; New York City; Philadelphia; Baltimore; Norfolk, VA; and Wiesbaden, Germany. North Atlantic Division headquarters coordinates technical policy and budgetary issues that cross district boundaries and provides regional interface with other Federal and state agencies, congressional leaders, interest groups and international commissions. Expertise ranges from master planning to engineering plans and specifications, to construction management and installation support. Typical projects include new construction or renovation of military housing, barracks, operations centers, office/classroom buildings and child care facilities.

North Atlantic Division and its districts are experienced in partnering agreements with customers, in-house or contracted design of projects, advertisement and award of the construction contract (bid projects, negotiated projects, best value, request for proposals), financial administration of the contract, and field supervision and quality assurance inspections of the construction work underway.