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  • January

    Last round of Sandy-damaged breakwater repair projects come to an end

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completed the last of nine structural repair projects related to damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Among the most recently completed projects were repairs to breakwaters located in Cleveland Harbor, Fairport Harbor, Lorain Harbor, and the Port Clinton East jetty.
  • December

    Savannah’s power team generates national recognition

    SAVANNAH, Ga. — As the Northeast confronted the trauma of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, the Savannah District’s emergency power team mobilized as part of an interagency response to support the New York Engineer District and provide relief to the ravished region.
  • November

    Army Corps continuing to make good progress on recovery efforts one year after Hurricane Sandy

    Waves of colorful sea creatures and mermaids flooded the Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn, N.Y., this summer for the annual Mermaid Parade. Just months earlier, in the very same spot, Hurricane Sandy with her massive waves stormed ashore but not in such a festive mood. After the storm retreated, leaving the beach a mess, it seemed the parade - which draws thousands of costumed participants each year - would not return.
  • October

    The power to save lives

    After the water receded and wind settled after Superstorm Sandy, the New Jersey National Guard was out rescuing citizens. Whether they found that young child under the rubble or safely guided an elderly man out of his home, was a direct result of the work being performed by the task force at the Homeland Security Center of Excellence, Headquarters in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.
  • April

    Engineering a difference

    Thumbing through the pages of his chartreuse logbook where he writes down thoughts, project plans and drawings, Capt. Antonio Pazos stops to point out a particular drawing. It’s a rough sketch diagram of how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and federal and state engineers designed a dewatering plan to remove 400 million gallons of water from the Brooklyn Battery and Queens tunnels after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast Oct.29, 2012.
  • Engineering a difference

    Captain Antonio Pazos was in the Hurricane Sandy emergency operations center, simultaneously gathering progress reports for 14 projects which included the tunnels, preparing reports for the New York’s emergency operations center and controlling the flow of water. It was right where a self-identified adrenaline junkie was meant to be.