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NASA proclaims strategic partnership with Corps for support

Published Dec. 20, 2012
NORFOLK—NASA Langley Research Center officials reached an agreement with the Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to have the Corps support the research center’s facility-engineering needs.

The five-year Master Support Agreement, reached Dec. 13, lays the foundation for the Corps to assist NASA in planning, design, engineering, project management, real estate and other engineering support functions for the center located in Hampton, Va.

“It really allows us to augment and be an extension of their staff, and bring our vast expertise in multiple areas with a simple phone call,” said Todd Liebig, Norfolk District client relations manager.

Officials from NASA say the partnership will help the agency implement their long-term plans.

“We are excited to draw on the full suite of services the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offers; tapping into their expertise will help us be ‘smart buyers’ and provide us with a second opinion and set of eyes on our projects and plans,” said Cathy Mangum, director of center operations for NASA Langley Research Center.  “This partnership is critically important for the execution of Langley’s 20-Year Revitalization Plan to enable the NASA mission.”

"The partnership and interagency agreement opens up contracting opportunities for the Norfolk District through which it leverage its experienced industry partners to address Langley’s needs.

“This is truly a fine example of smart government -- two agencies, with a common vision, work together in a collaborative manner that saves the tax payers money and creates wonderfully efficient processes,” said Col. Paul Olsen, Norfolk District commander. 

The new agreement is already in action: the district is working with the center to identify natural resource planning needs.

 “This is what we, the Corps of Engineers, endeavor to do: provide quality, responsive and cost effective engineering services to our partners, stakeholders and the nation,” Olsen said. “I look forward to the successes that we and NASA will experience in the years to come.”