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Posted 8/9/2017

Release no. 17-020

Steve Rochette

PHILADELPHIA (Aug 9, 2017) – The U.S. Army Corps Engineers’ Philadelphia District updated the 2017 Francis E. Walter Dam recreation plan. 

The Army Corps updated the plan, which states whitewater and fisheries releases will be scheduled if enough water storage is accumulated in the reservoir. Precipitation has enabled the Army Corps to schedule the 8th and 9th increments of the plan, which include the following additions:

  •  8b) Increase September 2-3 whitewater releases to 1700 cubic feet per second on Saturday and 1000 cubic feet per second on Sunday.
  • 9) Add fisheries enhancement releases of 50 cubic feet per second for the period of September 23 through October 6.

 The Army Corps will announce at a later date if it is able to hold the final increment of the plan, which includes water releases from Friday, Oct. 6 through Monday, Oct. 9