Environmental Program

Published Sept. 28, 2012

With activities throughout the Northeastern United States, Europe and Africa, the North Atlantic Division (NAD) Environmental Program has led the way in the remediation of Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste sites in addition to the cleanup of ordnance and explosives at current and former military properties. The NAD Environmental Program maintains regional capabilities through the support of two HTRW Regional Design Centers at New England and Baltimore Districts as well as Regional Technical Centers of Expertise in Radiological/Health Physics Support at Baltimore District and Groundwater Modeling at Philadelphia District. In addition, Baltimore District serves as a national USACE Military Munitions Design Center and maintains in-house staff and contracting capabilities to support investigation and removal actions at military munitions sites.

The NAD Environmental Program portfolio includes a diverse mix of Military, Interagency, and International customers as well as USACE-administered programs. Through the execution of the Installation Restoration, Military Munitions, Environmental Quality and BRAC-ER programs, customers such as the Army Environmental Command, IMCOM, AFCEE, USAEUR, AFRICOM and military installations within the NAD footprint are able to benefit from the capabilities, contracts capacity and experience NAD maintains to support their mission. NAD has maintained a longstanding relationship with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regions 1, 2 and 3 to provide EPA with necessary expertise to investigate, remediate or provide technical assistance on some of the most highly-contaminated sites in the country that are both technically challenging while serving as critical to promote economic growth in the local area. Included among the many Superfund sites that USACE has been called to work on are the New Bedford Harbor Site in New Bedford, MA; the Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Site in South Plainfield, NJ; and the Atlantic Wood Industries site in Portsmouth, VA.


USACE administers the Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) and Formerly User Site Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP) on behalf of the Federal Government. The NAD Environmental Program oversees a significant portion of the USACE workload in both programs that serve to cleanup properties that were contaminated by past Department of Defense activities or through the development of nuclear weapons under the Manhattan Project. Significant sites that are supported by the FUDS and FUSRAP programs include the Spring Valley FUDS site in Washington, D.C., and the Middlesex Sampling Plant FUSRAP Site in Middlesex, NJ.       


North Atlantic Division has and continues to provide a diverse suite of environmental remediation and restoration services – from mapping/modeling, site characterization, investigations, real estate support, PRP investigation and remedial action – in support of our Military Missions, Civil Works, and Federal partners. Between FY2007 and FY2011, the NAD Environmental Program has executed over $2 billion in HTRW and Munitions cleanup within the Northeastern U.S., throughout Europe and Northern Africa. In FY2012, NAD is projected to have a workload of over $350 million and $1.5 billion from FY2013-2017. Through a diverse suite of environmental remediation services, experienced environmental personnel and a broad portfolio of customers, NAD is able to maintain technical capabilities while providing effective project and contract management and innovative technical solutions.

Summary of Capabilities


Military-funded Environmental Programs

·         Base Realignment and Closure

·         Defense Environmental Restoration Program

·         Environmental Quality (Compliance, Conservation, Pollution Prevention, Restoration)

·         Formerly Used Defense Sites

·         Installation Restoration

·         Military Munitions Response

·         Deactivated Nuclear Power Plant Program

·         Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM)

Civil Works and Environmental Interagency and International Services (IIS)

·         EPA-Superfund Program

·         EPA-Brownfields Support

·         Environmental Support for Others (Federal Agency Support)


Contract Acquisition Support Services

·         Military Munitions Support

·         Radiological Support

·         A/E Services

·         Environmental Services

·         Remedial Action Design and Construction Contracts

HTRW and Munitions Capabilities


·         Military Munitions Support

                o Military Munitions (MM) Assessment/Investigation 

                o  MM Cleanup 

·         Hazardous, Toxic or Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Remediation Services

                o  HTRW Technical Assistance/Support Services

                o  Radiological Site investigation & remediation

                o Site Characterization

                o Time Critical Removal Actions (TCRA) and Spill response

                o Remedial Investigation

                o Remedial Action 

                o Remedial Design and Feasibility Studies

                o Groundwater Modeling 

                o Long term monitoring 

                o GWTP Construction/Operation/Maintenance

                o Leaking UST removal/remediation

                o PRP Oversight

·         Environmental Technical/Professional Services

                o Subsurface Soil/Bedrock Investigations & Soil Mechanics testing

                o Environmental Professional Services/In-House Support, Environmental Technical Services

                o Brownfields Project Management/Grant Management

                o Mapping/Modeling/GIS Services