New York City Watershed

Environmental Infrastructure

Published Nov. 1, 2018

The water supply for the City of New York is composed of three watershed systems.  Together, these systems provide water for 8 million residents in New York City, as well as 1 million residents north of the City.  The Catskill and Delaware systems lie west of the Hudson River, covering an area of approximately 2000 square miles.  The Croton System, which includes the New Croton and Middle Branch Reservoirs, is east of the Hudson River.  

The New York City Watershed Environmental Assistance program establishes a process to provide design and construction assistance to non-Federal interests for publicly owned water-related environmental infrastructure and resource protection and development practices in the eight county portion of the New York City watershed.  The eligible projects include water supply, storage, treatment, and distribution facilities and surface water resource protection and development. 

AUTHORIZATION: The project was authorized in Section 552 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1996.  The authorization totals $56,667,000.  The Federal share is 75% or $42,500,000 and the non-Federal share is 25% or $14,167,000.  

STATUS:  A total allocation of $21,562,323 for the program has been made during Fiscal Years 1997 through 2018.  The State of New York, New York Department of Environmental Conservation is the sponsor for the program and has recommended 48 projects for execution.  The Army Corps of Engineers has executed 44 Project Partnership Agreements (PPA) covering 48 projects with various local sponsors for all of the certified projects.  The table on page 2 outlines the on-going projects (8) and the projects completed to date (40).  Steele Brook Streambank Stabilization in Delaware County has been certified by the NYSDEC, and project partnership agreement was executed in September 2018.




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