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Norfolk District contract award delivers boost to Lynnhaven Inlet navigation

Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Public Affairs Office
Published April 11, 2019

FORT NORFOLK, Va. – Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a 120-day period of performance contract to Cottrell Contracting Corp. for the Lynnhaven Inlet Federal Navigation Project.

The new contract takes effect in May with completion projected for September.

“The ultimate goal of the project is to restore the authorized dimensions to support safe, reliable, efficient, effective and environmentally sustainable waterborne transportation,” said Chris Tolson, district project manager and technical lead.

The project serves commercial and recreational users in the city of Virginia Beach, the nonfederal sponsor, providing value to the both the economy and leisure opportunities.

Improved access from the Lynnhaven River to the Chesapeake Bay also supports the Virginia and Maryland pilot association missions of assisting large vessels entering the ports of Virginia and Baltimore.

“The Lynnhaven Inlet Federal Navigation Project is so important from a commonwealth and community perspective,” said Mike Anderson, district Operations Branch Design Section chief. “It is centrally located in Hampton Roads and truly serves as a regional maritime hub for watermen and recreational users, alike.” 

Approximately 170,000 cubic yards of dredged material will be placed on Cape Henry and nearby beaches for secondary storm-risk reduction and recreational benefit. More than 2 miles of beach are expected to be beneficially impacted.

Of the district’s 65 shallow-draft federal navigation projects, Lynnhaven Inlet is one of only three to receive annual congressional funding, Anderson said.

Dredging and placement operations will be 24/7 during the period of performance.

Area residents and beachgoers should expect portions of beaches to be sectioned off as the contractor pumps and grades sandy material. Beach watches will be established to mitigate entry into designated construction areas. 

Tolson said the dredge pipeline may run along the length of the beach and will be marked. Sand ramps will be constructed over the pipeline for beachgoers to access the swash zone. 

Boaters can expect a working dredge, barge and tender equipment in the water that may temporarily restrict channel navigation. The dredge pipeline may be floated or submerged in vicinity of the project, and boaters should use caution and stay aware of the local notice to mariners.

According to its mission statement, Norfolk District provides innovative engineering solutions, in collaboration with partners, to deliver water resources, military, interagency, environmental and disaster-response programs that make communities, the commonwealth of Virginia and nation a better place to work and live.